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Harris Leads Meeting of Newly Enlarged National Space Council, Demands Better Conduct from Space Nations

By Tom Roeder Vice President Kamala Harris opened the first meeting of the reconstructed National Space Council on Wednesday with calls to make climate data from satellites more available, grow the aerospace workforce by bolstering educational opportunities, and increase international cooperation with new treaties to govern conduct in orbit. Earlier Wednesday, President Joe Biden…

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Capt. Kirk Crosses the Kármán Line on Blue Origin’s New Shepard

By Zoe Hobbs Blue Origin continued its streak of successful New Shepard landings as the NS-18 crew capsule safely touched down at 14:59 UTC on Oct. 12, 2021. The mission lasted 10 minutes and 17 seconds, reaching an apogee of 347,539 feet (nearly 66 miles) above ground level[1], which crossed the Kármán line, considered…

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First All-Civilian Crew Rockets into Orbital Space

Innovation4 launch

By Dennis Thompkins For the first time in space history, an all-civilian crew is traveling in Earth’s orbit without command and control from a government space agency. The SpaceX Inspiration4 launch on Sept. 16 marked the first orbital flight with no professional astronauts on board. It also set as precedent the first time an onboard…

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2021 U.S. Labor Data Shows Benefits of Space-Sector Pay

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2021 Launch Activity at Midyear Shows the Highest Tempo in 5 Years

The first half of 2021 marked the highest January-June launch tempo in five years, with 61 launches attempted. That puts the year on track to become the most prolific launch year since the 1980s. Of the 2021 launches, only two failed, putting this year on track for the lowest failure rate since 2018. The first…

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NASA Technology Takes the Harmful Glare Out of Bright Sunny Days

Introduction | Half the world is gearing up for warm, sunny weather as the Northern Hemisphere heads into summer. The comfort and eye protection provided by sunglasses make them a staple for many. However, most people might not realize that the technology that supplies us with durable, protective lenses — now used by several eyeglass…

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Global Space Economy Nears $447B

The global space economy reached a new high of nearly $447 billion in 2020, an increase of 4.4% from a revised 2019 figure of $428 billion. Commercial space revenue continued to total nearly 80% of this year’s space spending.  Commercial revenue is divided into two sectors: Products and Services and Infrastructure and Support Industries. For…

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Mars Missions: The Breakdown from 1960-2021

The first attempts to reach Mars began more than 60 years ago, when the former Soviet Union launched two probes to Mars. Both failed to reach Earth orbit. The success of China’s Tianwen-1 and the United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter in February, along with the success of the United States’ Perseverance and Ingenuity mission, means…

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