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Tabulating Votes with VSATs

Country: Venezuela
Satellite capabilities are enabling dependable voting mechanisms in governments around the world. An e-voting satellite network, such as Gilat’s VSAT network, consists of a satellite dish and modem at each polling site connected to a central hub. Each poll operates electronic voting machines,...

2005 - U.S. Launch, Human

Country: United States
The space shuttle returned to flight in 2005, ending a two year hiatus that followed the Columbia tragedy. Discovery’s STS-114 crew tested new safety measures and delivered supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). Digital cameras installed for the first time on a shuttle flight...

Premium Satellite TV in Hotels

Country: United States
Satellites will continue to provide niche services and connectivity for the hospitality industry. In areas without terrestrial cable, television is not economical, and hotels will continue to rely on direct-to-home services to provide guests with premium content.Hotels use custom, interactive...

Offering Guests Tours with GPS

Country: United States
Satellite-enabled capabilities are sometimes used to enhance guest services. In 2005, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts started offering its guests an alternative to paper maps when looking for directions. Now at three locations—the Carlyle, New York, the Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas, and...

2005 - U.S. Military Use of Commercial Communications Satellites

Country: United States
Sidebar--“Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. government has become the satellite industry’s single largest customer and the Defense Department has been the biggest driver behind the new wave of demand,” said Don Ritter, vice president of government services at PanAmSat G2...

The Rise of Space Tourism

Country: United States
In space, accommodations are among the long-term goals (20 to 30 years) of several privately funded space companies. SpaceX’s founder Elon Musk has often stated his personal goal, and one of the goals of his company, is to help humanity become a “spacefaring civilization.”' A technology...

Saving Crops and Determining Water Needs with Earth Observation

Country: United States
The agriculture industry leverages weather forecasting technologies and satellite systems that increase the accuracy of local forecasts. More accurate short-term forecasts can prevent crop loss and save an additional $40 million per year. In addition, remote sensing satellites offer near-real-...

Finding Oil and Gas, then Keeping it Moving, Safely

Country: United States
Remote sensing satellites will continue to be used for resource identification and management. The demand for energy is expected to rise, resulting in a greater reliance on hyper-spectral sensors for oil and gas exploration. In addition, remote sensing data will continue to have increasing...

Virtual World Courtesy of the Internet

Country: United States
A novel application of satellite capabilities that supports retail operations came online in 2005 with the launch of Google Earth—an interactive, 3D map of the Earth’s surface constructed entirely of satellite images, taken by using various instruments and at various times in a mosaic fashion....

Emergency Satellite Phones Aid in Disaster Management

Country: United States
Natural disasters often disable vital terrestrial communication networks. In these instances, telecommunications satellites can preserve communication within a devastated area. Satellite phones provide instant communication infrastructure for first responders and their command centers. Satellite...