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Year: 2016
Satellites provide archaeologists a different way to monitor looting activities at ancient sites.
Year: 2012
The value of space assets and applications for economic and social development is increasingly apparent to decision-makers in emerging space states. At the same time, more established space nations are seeking new commercial markets for their space industries’ services, technologies, and...
Year: 2008
Remote sensing satellite data is also assisting archaeologists. In early 2008, archaeologists who teamed with NASA scientists over the past five years announced the discovery of five sprawling ancient Mayan sites in Guatemala consisting of hundreds of buildings.
Year: 2011
Country: Egypt, United States
Scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham used infrared satellite images to reveal more than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements in Egypt, including 17 lost pyramids, generating excitement among archeologists, tourists, and local governments interested in uncovering these...
Year: 2016
The global space industry relies on a highly qualified workforce. Understanding the trends in this workforce, including changes in size and demographics, provides insight into the overall health of the...

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