Space Products and Services

Retail, Finance, and Corporate Services

Apollo Dress Shirts?

Innovative companies are constantly looking for new ways to bring spacederived technology to the retail market. A company started by MIT graduates, called Ministry of Supply, is bringing phase-change materials used in…

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South African Space-based Internet

Satellite internet is a suitable alternative to conventional cellular and ground-based internet for businesses and farmers operating in remote or difficult-to-reach areas. In 2012, MWEB Business launched a new satellite internet service…

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Location Data Might Improve Athletic Performance

Scientific and technological advances from space have added a performance-improving tool to the arsenal of professional sports teams and training centers. Kinexon One is a new addition that promises to improve individual…

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PNT Data For Finding the Smallest of Tasks

Companies can capitalize on smartphones with GNSS receivers in new ways to reduce their operating costs. Microjobbing, or crowdsourcing small jobs rather than dispatching employees to perform a simple task, is the…

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