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Retail, Finance, and Corporate Services

Virtual Private Networks from Space

New technologies allow satellites to play a key role in Virtual Private Networks (VPN) — the ability to have secure network communications over the Internet. This provides a relatively inexpensive solution to management and communications challenges of geographically dispersed companies.

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Personalized Advertising Distributed Through Satellites

The Space Report 2006 noted the increasing trend of retail stores delivering advertising content through digital signage. Recent market research has shown that digital signage, or narrowcasting, is becoming increasingly popular and is on a path to sustainable growth.

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Managing Inventory Through Space Connections

Inventory management is a crucial element to the profitability of retail stores, and this process has come to incorporate satellite capabilities at critical moments. The most sophisticated retail outlets collaborate closely with their suppliers; for instance, when a Proctor & Gamble item is scanned for purchase at a retail store, a message is sent via satellite uplink to the factory.

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Satellite Terminals Saves Wal-Mart Money

The management of large corporations requires dedicated networks to support a number of communications applications, from the financial transactions discussed above to video conferencing, local network interconnection, wide area wireless networking, multicasting, virtual private networks, Inter… Thank you for visiting The Space Report! The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity, Packed with Over a Decade…

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Banking on VSAT and GPS

According to OECD’s Space 2030, satellites have the ability to reduce the digital divide and provide telecommunication infrastructure, opening markets for e-commerce. E-commerce applications are well established and expanding broadband networks via satellites is likely to have a strong effect on the economy and electronic trade in the near future.

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