Space Products and Services

Transportation, Logistics, and Manufacturing

Running Factories from Afar

Satellite systems also are essential for communication between management and remote manufacturing facilities. By outsourcing part of the manufacturing process, companies can reduce labor costs but often must cope with…

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Fleet Management and Communications

Satellite data communications and GPS play a crucial role in logistics. GPS and fleet tracking enable timely and dependable deliveries to reduce the amount of capital manufacturers have tied up…

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More Efficient Shipping By Air

UPS is working with Aviation Communications and Surveillance Systems to develop landing patterns that separate planes by time, rather than distance, for maximum efficiency at the shipping company’s hub in…

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Transoceanic Flights with High-speed Internet

Satellite communications are enabling new comforts for long-distance commuters and airline customers. JetBlue, Singapore Airlines, and Virgin Blue of Australia are among the airlines that offer satellite TV. Satellite communications…

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Find The Coveted Parisian Parking Spot

A service, launched in December 2006 in Paris, helps drivers locate the closest available parking spot with the help of GPS signals. Approximately 120 participating garages relay availability data to…

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Real-time Traffic Updates for Your Commute

The role of consumer GPS units for personal cars is evolving from static maps and directions to dynamic content. Innovative new technologies are using additional connectivity provided by wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi)…

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