Earth Observation/Remote Sensing Satellites

Satellite Design

2014 – Military Reconnaissance

While many remote-sensing and Earth observation satellites can be used for reconnaissance or other types of intelligence-gathering, military-specific and government-run satellites and sensor payloads are guided by very different mission…

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2014 – Meteorology

Weather satellites are a major segment of remote sensing satellites, using a mix of electro-optical, atmospheric, gravimetric, SAR, and other sensor payloads to detect fully formed weather systems as well…

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2014 – Land Imaging

Collectively, land-imaging satellites are systems used to observe, monitor, and track changes and developments on the Earth’s surface using a variety of optical or electronic imaging capabilities. Earth observation satellites…

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2015 – Military Reconnaissance – Snapshot

The inherent security requirements of military operations make it very difficult to pinpoint the exact number and nature of reconnaissance satellites launched by nations. The space-based inventory of a nation’s…

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2015 – Surface Imaging – Snapshot

The number of surface imaging satellites launched continued to grow in 2015. The sub-category dominated the greater category of Earth observation and remote sensing satellites launched in 2015, taking a…

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2015 – Meteorology – Snapshot

Weather and environmental satellites help humans understand and predict the atmospheric conditions of the Earth. National governments traditionally run these constellations, providing data for weather forecasting, climate modeling, and more.…

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Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure – TSR 2012

Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure - TSR 2012 examines global human spaceflight operations to include the Chinese, and the US space stations, launch vehicles from all spacefaring nations, communications satellite constellations, PNT…

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2011 – Military Reconnaissance – Snapshot

The German Federal Armed Forces operate a five-satellite LEO fleet called SAR-Lupe, which provides radar imagery with one-meter (3-foot) resolution for surveillance purposes.[efn_note]“SAR-Lupe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” Gunter’s Space…

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2011 – Meteorology – Snapshot

Funding is a serious concern for government-supported remote sensing satellite endeavors. Europe’s Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) program is facing difficulties because of the global economic climate, which…

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