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Homeland Security, Defense, and Intelligence

Chinese Anti-Satellite Test Successful

China stirred controversy when it tested an anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon on January 11, 2007. Using a ground-launched missile, the Chinese military destroyed an old Chinese weather satellite. The test followed…

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ESA Researches Dirty Bomb Detection

From research that was conducted on ESA’s Integral spacecraft, a U.K.-based company created a gamma-ray detection device that can identify radioactive material and explosives in dirty bombs. The U.S. Department…

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First SBIRS GEO Satellite Placed In Orbit

In May 2008, Lockheed Martin announced a major testing milestone in a space-based missile launch detection satellite. The first Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) geosynchronous orbit spacecraft, to be launched…

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CHIRP Gets a Commercial Bird

Small payloads inserted in a larger satellite with a separate mission are known as hosted payloads. Initiatives such as the Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload Flight Demonstration Program represent a continuing…

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Text a Target and Identify in 10 Minutes

New satellite technology is also being developed to allow warfighters to detect and identify targets within a 10-minute time frame. The technology, to be tested on TacSat-3, uses a hyperspectral…

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Bomber Gets EHF Satellite Communications System

Advanced spacecraft and ground equipment will allow military users faster access to information via satellite. Three satellites in development and testing will provide tactical military communications, including real-time video, targeting…

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Get SMART for Secure, Global, Communications

Communications technologies also play a key role in the security sector because they can deliver communication services unaffected by disruption or lack of terrestrial communications infrastructure. Communications technologies also play…

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Poppies Just Look Different from Space

Since 1999, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime has made extensive use of satellite imagery in its Illicit Crop Monitoring Programme (ICPM), helping national governments and the international community…

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Tracking Pirates from Space

Space services are proving their utility in fighting international crime. In January 2009 the U.S. commercial remote sensing firm GeoEye reported that its IKONOS satellite had located and taken high-resolution…

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