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2005 – Benefits of Technology Transfer

Space technologies can also be used by manufacturers to create, modify or improve new and existing components and products which, in turn, provide industry, commercial users and ultimately the general public with a wider choice of robust and reliable goods. 

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2005 – Spinoffs

Technology developed in association with space activities is used in many industries and non-space applications. Technology is transferred through intentional efforts by governments to identify new applications, as well as through organic adaptation of technologies, via connections among researchers, labs, and companies.

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2005 – Satellite Internet Access Globally

The distribution of creative content and information is enhanced, and sometimes uniquely possible, through the use of communications satellites. In addition, the convergence of digital media is creating novel user applications with satellite and space-terrestrial hybrid networks.

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2005 – U.S. Military Use of Commercial Communications Satellites

“Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. government has become the satellite industry’s single largest customer and the Defense Department has been the biggest driver behind the new wave of demand,” said Don Ritter, vice president of government services at PanAmSat G2 Satellite Solutions.

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