The Netherlands

Satellites Sense Miner Health and Location

Mining operations are often conducted in remote locations, making it difficult for corporations to monitor activity from a central facility. Mining equipment can break down unexpectedly, causing downtime that cuts…

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Satellite Receiver Dish Array

Large satellite dishes on rooftops may soon be a thing of the past due to technology that enables lower-cost “virtual” dishes. This new technology enables affordable antennas that conform to…

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Combined Virtual and Real Car Racing

A new online video game, created by Dutch-German startup company iOpener Media, uses high-accuracy satellite tracking that allows players to race cars in real time against other users during real-world…

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2013 – Galileo

A joint initiative between the European Commission (EC) and ESA, the Galileo constellation will consist of ## operational satellites in MEO. Europe launched ## in-orbit validation (IOV) spacecraft between 2011…

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2010 – Bigelow Space Stations

Bigelow Aerospace has been working for several years to develop commercial orbital habitats using expandable modules. This approach, leveraging technology licensed from NASA, involves launching modules in a compact form…

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