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The Drone Zone

Drones and quadcopters are becoming very capable and more numerous. Can geo-fencing using GPS signals help with the inevitable growing pains of this hobby? Remote control hobbyists and experts are…

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Better Tools for Sport Fishing

Positioning, navigation, and timing services from satellites help fishing aficionados remember where their favorite fishing spot is, and helps keep them there. [caption id="attachment_3531" align="alignleft"]Satellite-guided sport fishing systems pilot the…

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Closely Coaching Soccer Players

The European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubation Program in the Netherlands is helping soccer coaches keep a very close eye on players in the field. The European Space Agency (ESA)…

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Courier Coordination and Tracking

Some online retailers are trying their best to deliver goods within two days of an order. One small, same-day courier service, tiramizoo, is attempting to heighten delivery expectations and beat…

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Growth in Direct-to-home Market

Satellite signals also carry television content, directly and indirectly, to viewers. Companies, such as DIRECTV, broadcast television stations to more than 27 million household subscribers, who use small satellite dishes…

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The Rise of Space Tourism

In space, accommodations are among the long-term goals (20 to 30 years) of several privately funded space companies. SpaceX’s founder Elon Musk has often stated his personal goal, and one…

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Premium Satellite TV in Hotels

Satellites will continue to provide niche services and connectivity for the hospitality industry. In areas without terrestrial cable, television is not economical, and hotels will continue to rely on direct-to-home…

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