Satellite Television

2008 – Satellite Television – Snapshot

FSS includes the provision of satellite capacity for a range of applications from video distribution to relaying telephone signals, and integrated voice/data services on private networks which often use very small aperture terminals (VSAT networks). Estimated 2008 revenue for FSS is $## billion. This value is based on actual data reported as of January 2009, and past years’ data from SIA. 

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2007 – Satellite Television

DTH television had a strong growth year, with total global revenue of $## billion and a total of ## million subscribers, as estimated by In-Stat, a digital communications market research firm. This represented an ##% increase over 2006 estimated revenue. The exhibit Satellite Direct-to-Home Television Revenue compares 2006 and 2007 revenue for DIRECTV and DISH Network Corporation, two major North American providers.

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2005 – Satellite Television

Direct-to-home television services (referred to as DBS or DTH services) represent the largest portion of satellite services revenue. SIA estimates 2005 DBS/DARS industry revenue of $## billion, which yields a DBS estimate of $## billion net of the $## million in 2005 revenues reported by the three DARS providers (Exhibit 4l).[SIA estimates DBS subscribership at ## million in 2005. In-Stat, in its 2006 report, Worldwide Satellite Pay-TV Market, puts 2005 DTH television revenue at $## billion. Additionally…

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