Commercial Space Products and Services

The Role Of Intellectual Property In Space Innovation

As the exponential growth of commercial space looms, this is a good time to survey several critical aspects of intellectual property (IP) as an enabler of innovation in commercial space. This article begins with a review of the vital role of. . .

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2019 TSRQ4 – Insight: Space Jobs of the Future

The late Dr. Clarke, popularly known for authoring the cinematic space classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” was known for his technical prowess (he conceived the geostationary satellite) but also for his compelling optimistic vision for space development. . .

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2018 TSRQ1 – Space Products & Innovation

People and businesses continued to harness space technology and services in 2017, sometimes in surprising ways. New companies are using space-acquired data in new ways, aided in no small part by the ubiquity of the smartphone. Blind people can download . . .

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