Space Products and Services

Retail, Finance, and Corporate Services

Managing Inventory Through Space Connections

Inventory management is a crucial element to the profitability of retail stores, and this process has come to incorporate satellite capabilities at critical moments. The most sophisticated retail outlets collaborate…

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Satellite Terminals Saves Wal-Mart Money

The management of large corporations requires dedicated networks to support a number of communications applications, from the financial transactions discussed above to video conferencing, local network interconnection, wide area wireless…

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Banking on VSAT and GPS

According to OECD’s Space 2030, satellites have the ability to reduce the digital divide and provide telecommunication infrastructure, opening markets for e-commerce. E-commerce applications are well established and expanding broadband…

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Virtual Private Networks from Space

New technologies allow satellites to play a key role in Virtual Private Networks (VPN) — the ability to have secure network communications over the Internet. This provides a relatively inexpensive…

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Restoring Satellite Service Access After Disasters

Maintaining business continuity during and after natural or man-made disasters continues to evolve as a well-established satellite network application. Following hurricanes Gustav and Ike in September 2008, ViaSat quickly repaired or…

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Competition in In-flight Internet Access

A new in-flight Internet provider, Row 44, which utilizes Hughes’ satellite network, will begin deploying service to North America commercially in 2009. Southwest and Alaska airlines are Row 44’s current…

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In-Flight Broadband Slowly Spreading

In-flight broadband internet, a concept brought to market over the past decade with limited initial success, is beginning to show promise. Using upgraded technologies including satellite solutions, the company Row…

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