Space Products and Services

Homeland Security, Defense, and Intelligence

The Space Emergency Broadcasting Network

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also is working on a satellite wireless communications system which will allow mobile e-mail and voice communications to operate if the cellular infrastructure is…

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The Importance of Weather Satellites

Remote sensing weather satellites also are an important element of military activities. Weather satellites provide a continuous view of weather patterns over the battlefield through a suite of sophisticated instruments. These…

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Drone Control and Battlefield Communications

Greater biotechnology research and manufacturing is among the far-term prospects (20-30 years) for space enterprise, given more affordable access and orbital platforms. However, there are several current applications of biotechnology…

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Expanding Missile Defense to Europe and Space

The United States’ proposal to develop a European Missile Defense shield also stirred international discussion. The proposed European shield would field a limited-capability defense using a series of radar stations to…

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