Space Products & Innovation

Annual Overviews

2010 – Space Products and Services Overview Snapshot

Products and services from space permeate daily life in a number of ways, many of which are not obvious. Fleets of satellites monitor the Earth’s lands, oceans, and atmosphere, helping us improve our quality of life in a sustainable manner. Communications satellites provide greater connectivity, allowing humans to interact with each other and a wide array of technological systems.

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2009 – Space Products and Services Overview- Snapshot

While space remains remote and mysterious in many ways, it has also become a part of everyday life. A fleet of nearly 1,000 satellites orbiting high above provides a connection between space and life on Earth. These spacecraft explore the Solar System and the cosmos, collect information on the Earth’s climate and geography, link distant people and organizations, and relay information to and from the Earth.

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2008 – Space Products and Services – Snapshot

Space products and services and their related space technology spinoffs have become part of the fabric of daily life in ways that people increasingly take for granted, and often in ways that do not even bring space to mind. The products and services that depend upon space platforms drive innovation and discovery while providing economic and environmental benefits in such spheres as communications, Earth observation, global positioning, and navigation.

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2007 – Space Products and Services Overview

Space products and services continue to evolve in technological sophistication and capability, and their applications continue to change and adapt to the needs of the economy. This section provides an overview of the two main types of space products and services: satellite-related products and services, and in-space activities, which can be broken down into many subcategories (see Exhibit 2b).

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2005 – Space Products and Services Overview

We have characterized space products and services as directly enabled by space infrastructure and intended to be in the space environment or directly interacting with the space environment.
The year 2005 saw growth in subscribers and offerings for mobile satellite services, launches of probes to explore Mars and Venus, a probe landing on Saturn’s moon Titan, and growth in commercial space transportation services.

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