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China’s Chang’e 6 mission returns samples from Moon’s far side

The Chang'e 6 spacecraft in orbit above the Moon's surface. Credit: China Global Television Network.

China’s Chang’e 6 spacecraft landed on the far side of the Moon on June 1, and returned the samples to Earth on June 25.

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Boeing Starliner accomplishes first crewed launch to ISS

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft launches from Cape Canaveral on June 5.

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral with astronauts onboard for the first time. With this success, Starliner is poised to be only the second commercial crewed vehicle that is certified to bring astronauts to the ISS.

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Japan completes world’s first wooden satellite

A closeup image of Lignosat, the first woodsen satellite

A Japanese university and lumber company are working together to send the first wooden satellite to the International Space station later this year.

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