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Quilty Space 2023 Q4 Transaction Update

In the final financial quarter of 2023, there were seven space-related acquisitions/buy-outs, 36 minority venture/private equity financings totaling approximately $1.2 billion in funding raised, and five public equity financings representing $52 million in gross proceeds. M&A Review Merger and acquisition activity was down sequentially, with seven announced transactions during Q4 versus nine announced during Q3…

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Spy Agency Uses Data from Space, Experience on the Ground to Win Battles, Save Lives with Maps

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency uses maps fused with Intelligence data to give leaders a clearer picture of global events. Credit: NGA

Seizing the high ground to see what lies ahead, a skill as old as warfare itself, has never been more important. Now, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, the intelligence community’s mapmakers, are seizing the high ground of commercial space to augment the products they deliver to the military and first responders at disaster scenes.

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Accelerated Launch Pace, Debris and AI Shape the 2024 Space Forecast

At Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, leaders expect to fire off a record 100 launch vehicles in 2024. Credit: NASA

Introduction | Coming off a year that again saw records shattered for the number of launches to space and the number of satellites in orbit, it’s no surprise that some space leaders contacted by The Space Report see debris and crowding in orbit as top concerns for 2024. What’s interesting is what the leaders predict…

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