Global space activity by category, 2007-2027

Global space activity by category, 2007-2027Global space activity by category, 2007-2027

The global space economy totaled $546 billion in 2022, 8% higher than 2021 — and it could reach $772 billion by 2027, according to Space Foundation analysis. Commercial space continues to make up the majority (78%) of this total, but preliminary data shows that 81% of governments with space programs increased spending in 2023.

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Astronaut by top nations

Astronaut by top nationsAstronaut by top nations

The majority of astronauts (95%) have also reached the Kármán line at 100 km — the internationally recognized boundary of space.

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Astronauts by private sector

Astronauts by private sectorAstronauts by private sector

As of mid-March, 685 astronauts have reached at least 80 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. This total includes 86 private astronauts, 22 times as many as there were two decades ago.

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