Economy: Commercial Space Infrastructure

Introduction | Revenues from global commercial space activity—undertaken by private in no government investment—totaled $328.8 their highest level ever and increasing 6.6% from 2017.[efn_note] Space Foundation Space Revenue Database. March…

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Space Products and Services

Introduction | We owe much to the technologies developed in the pursuit of space exploration. From handheld vacuums to GPS technology and camera phones, inventions originally engineered to use in…

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Space Policy

Introduction | In 2018, significant policy developments helped shape the future space economy. At the international level, the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) released…

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Workforce: Emerging Jobs

Introduction | The increasingly technical nature of society drives a greater need for STEM skills to support it, and dramatic growth in the number of STEM jobs reflects this trend.…

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