Space insurance industry estimates, 2003-2022

Space insurance industry estimates, 2003-2022Space insurance industry estimates, 2003-2022

As satellites get smaller and cheaper and companies pivot to building LEO constellations rather than purchasing single large satellites for GEO orbit, many operators are foregoing insurance after launch altogether.

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Launch Attempts and Deployed Payloads, 1983-2022

Two items stand out as primary examples of astronomers’ concerns: the SpaceX Starlink constellation due to its number of satellites and AST SpaceMobile’s BlueWalker 3 satellite due to its size — 693 square feet6 — which ranks as the largest commercial communications array in space.

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Orbital Launch Attempts, 1957-2023

The number of U.S. launch at- tempts climbed from 87 in 2022 to 116 last year. The number of U.S. launches has more than doubled since 2021, which saw 51 launch attempts.

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Japanese Workforce by Sector, 2005-2021

Japanese Workforce by Sector, 2005-2021Japanese Workforce by Sector, 2005-2021

JAXA employed 1,580 individuals at the beginning of 2023. Out of this total, 1,123 (71%) are engineering and research employees. Even though Japan as a whole is struggling with an aging population, JAXA’s age demographics are more normally distributed than many other nation’s space agencies.

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