Space Products & Innovation

Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment

2019 TSRQ1 – Space Products & Innovation

Companies and individuals are using positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), Earth observation (EO), and communication satellite technologies and data to humanity’s benefit. From commercial transportation to natural disaster relief, these products and services are changing, for the better, the way humans . . .

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2016 – Grape Expectations

California’s vineyards are numerous, and their products are selling well across the United States. In 2016, the state’s wine sales hit a record $34.5 billion. The business of wine in California is big . . .

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2016 – Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment

Space products and services directly help individuals with travel and entertainment. Personal spaceflight, while still evolving, continues to garner media attention as space vehicle manufacturers test hardware and announce new services. Technologies developed for use in space are also finding application in a range of entertainment markets, including professional swimming.

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Spying Me, Spying You – Satellite Imagery on a Phone

There was a time when obtaining high-resolution imagery from satellite sources required a security clearance and a secure facility. Today, high-resolution imagery is an accessible, inexpensive, and portable reality due to companies such as Orbit Logic, which released smartphone software application SpyMeSat to the public in late 2013.

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Courier Coordination and Tracking

Some online retailers are trying their best to deliver goods within two days of an order. One small, same-day courier service, tiramizoo, is attempting to heighten delivery expectations and beat other delivery services by embracing the benefits of satellite navigation technology and online maps.

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Don’t Panic! Handheld Electronic Guide helps Tired Tourists

Satellites, cellphones, and software applications converge to provide a personalized tour guide service for those traveling throughout Europe. Software application creators, such as LatitudeN, are combining a smartphone’s satellite navigation technology with mapping software, imagery, and travel content to provide travelers a personalized tour experience.

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