Space Products and Services

Transportation, Logistics, and Manufacturing

Space Products and Innovation

The increased use of satellite imagery and data in recent years has led to expansions in multiple fields of research.[efn_note] United Nations Statistics Division. Satellite Imagery and Geospatial Data Task…

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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have been in development since the 1930s with the goal of creating safer travel by road and providing the driver freedom to focus on other tasks while in…

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Parking for European Truck Drivers

European truck drivers can only drive so long in a day before they are legally required to rest. If drivers, and the companies they work for, don’t comply with time-limiting…

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Space Products and Services – TSRQ1 2019

Companies and individuals are using positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), Earth observation (EO), and communication satellite technologies and data to humanity’s benefit. From commercial transportation to natural disaster relief, these…

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Getting a Grip on Smart-Bikes

A few cities have long been proponents of bike rental programs from kiosks as ways to promote getting around a city without contributing to traffic congestion. The bikes are typically…

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Shoe Tracking for Safety

Sometimes work happens in areas of the world where there are no cameras or other people. Pipelines, electrical lines, and data lines occasionally run through areas that might be accessible…

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A Backbone for the Internet of Things

Whether customers use mass-produced devices such as Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home, or opt for do-it-yourself solutions with Arduino controllers and Sparkfun sensors, the internet of things (IoT) is growing…

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Itinerant Addresses Through PNT

PNT and communications help people without addresses receive important packages and mail. [caption id="attachment_3561" align="alignright"]Smartphone applications that use positioning, navigation, and timing data can give temporary delivery addresses to those…

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Tracking Lost or Stolen Cars

Cell networks with satellite positioning, navigation, and timing technology help track stolen cars. [caption id="attachment_3558" align="alignleft"]Satellite positioning, navigation, and timing data can be combined with communications networks to track stolen…

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