Space Products and Services

Retail, Finance, and Corporate Services

Measuring the Possibilities of Solar

For individuals and businesses considering the possibility of installing solar panels, whether to save the planet or some money, there are always many questions. These... For individuals and businesses considering…

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Building a Broader Banking Infrastructure

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of Indonesia’s biggest providers of small loans. Its customers reside in a territory spanning about 3,000 kilometers (1,860 miles), encompassing nearly... Bank Rakyat Indonesia…

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Quieter German Wind Turbines

An aborted European planet-hunting satellite's technology helps muffle wind turbines in Germany. Darwin, a proposed European Space Agency planet-hunting satellite constellation, was to orbit the Sun at a point 1.5…

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ISS Air Purity Results in Clean Pipes

A biological filter helps clear the air in space, and fight corrosion on Earth. [caption id="attachment_3528" align="alignright"]Terrestrial pipelines benefit from corrosion mitigation techniques developed to keep space station air pure.…

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Lawyers use Space Assets to Enforce the Law

As space activities and businesses using space assets grow, entrepreneurs are sensing opportunities in a growing space market. Mixing terrestrial legal expertise with Earth observation technologies, some lawyers are beginning…

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Managing Inventory Through Space Connections

Inventory management is a crucial element to the profitability of retail stores, and this process has come to incorporate satellite capabilities at critical moments. The most sophisticated retail outlets collaborate…

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Satellite Terminals Saves Wal-Mart Money

The management of large corporations requires dedicated networks to support a number of communications applications, from the financial transactions discussed above to video conferencing, local network interconnection, wide area wireless…

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