Space Products & Innovation

Interactions Between Space and Non-Space

Hurricane tracking and Earth Observation data

The United States was impacted by 14 natural disasters that each caused over a billion dollars in damage in 2019. Fortunately, scientists are using a multitude of resources to learn more about severe weather, including. . .

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Collaboration Between Space Agencies and the Public

The innovation that characterizes space programs and operations presents a complementary set of opportunities for space agencies: new ideas to solve complicated problems in space (spin-ons) and new ways to adapt space technologies for beneficial products and services for Earth (spinoffs).

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Space Products and Services Snapshot

Space has a unique ability to capture people’s imagination, whether it is based on a scientific curiosity, technological marvel, or even philosophical contemplation. Many products educate people about space, use space as a theme for games and other forms of entertainment, or do both at the same time.  

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Space Products and Services – TSR 2012

Space Products and Services - TSR 2012 explores space products and services and how they have enriched the lives and businesses of everyday people ranging from travel and entertainment to science…

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