Rivals Launch Military Satellites Amid U.S.-led Space Defense Drills

A flurry of military and intelligence satellite launches by rival powers this month came as the United States and two dozen partner nations wrapped up the largest global space defense wargame in history.

Russia launched what some leaders have described as a spy satellite for Iran and its own on-orbit snooping satellite Cosmos-2558, which is circling Earth in an orbit conspicuously close to a recently launched U.S. National Reconnaissance Office satellite, a Netherlands researcher confirmed.

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2019 TSRQ3 – Education STEM Proficiency

The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce is at the core of the space industry—from the mathematicians and astronomers who analyze space to the engineers who design and build the launch vehicles that get us there. This workforce is enabled . . .

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2016 – Workforce

The global space industry employs hundreds of thousands of individuals in well-paid cutting-edge technology jobs, and it relies on a pool of highly qualified workers to fill new jobs as they arise. Trends among this workforce, including . . .

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2015 – Sounding Rockets – Snapshot

NASA’s Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO) launches sounding rockets from locations such as Andøya, Norway; Esrange, Sweden; Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands; Poker Flats, Alaska; White Sands, New Mexico; and Wallops Island, Virginia. The suborbital nature of the sounding rockets makes them ideal platforms to conduct short near-Earth space science, astrophysics, and heliophysics experiments, as well as for testing new sensors and other burgeoning space technologies. SRPO arranges workshops with primary and secondary school teachers and provides internships to university students to familiarize them with engineering and science disciplines.

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2011 – Iran, Sea Launch – Snapshot

Two other space programs made news in 2011, as space newcomer Iran successfully conducted ## launch and the multinational commercial venture Sea Launch resumed operations after a hiatus of nearly two and a half years. 

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What Danger Floes Beneath the Satellites?

The Norwegian Coast Guard finds satellite imagery vital for identifying the exact location of icebergs and ice floes in order to protect ship traffic. Kongsberg Satellite Services provides satellite imagery of the Arctic Ocean captured by ESA’s Envisat satellite and Canada’s RADARSAT-1 satellite.

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