Infrastructure: Spacecraft Overview – TSRQ2 2020

TSR20-Q2-Infrastructure Section examines global spacecraft/satellite operations conducted throughout the three space sectors, military, civil government, and commercial. This edition covers communication, PNT, and Earth observation/remote sensing satellites, along with major…

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2017 – Iran launches Simorgh

In 2017, Iran was the only other nation to attempt an orbital launch. Iran conducted a single test launch of its Simorgh SLV during 2017, giving the nation a 1%…

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2017 – U.S. Suborbital

Many countries and organizations have floated plans for human suborbital spaceflight. However, there are very few building suborbital launch vehicles for this purpose, and even fewer... Many countries and organizations…

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2014 – Iranian Suborbital

An example of a country using suborbital rockets for testing is Iran, which sent its second monkey into space in December 2013. Lifted aboard a Kavoshgar-e Pazhuhesh sounding rocket to an…

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2008 – Iranian Spaceports

Proposed SpaceportsLittle information is publicly available about Semnan Launch Site, 170 kilometers east of Tehran, which conducted Iran’s 2008 Kavoshgar (Explorer) suborbital rocket tests as well as its unsuccessful Safir…

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Other Orbital Launches

Interested in space launch vehicle activities from countries normally not associated with space? Please select the associated link to read about them.

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