Workforce Growth, 2011-2021 Snapshot

Hiring in more than a dozen nations continued to escalate in 2020 despite the pandemic. A snapshot of key workforce data follows. Analysis of trends in the global space workforce provides insight into the current and future health of the space sector.

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Nation in Review: India

Introduction | The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has seen tremendous demand for its space services in the past few decades, spurring a necessary transformation to a more comprehensive partnership…

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Launches and New Vehicle Debuts Climbed in 2020, But So Did the Failure Rate

The global launch pace set in 2020 tied as the highest in decades, but with that came an increase in risk and a shift in the major players. Of the 114 attempts last year, 10 did not succeed—an 8.8% failure rate that is 1.8 times higher than the 40-year average and nearly five times higher than the 2018 failure rate, which also had 114 launches. Two factors that correlate with launch failures area higher number of orbital launch attempts . . .

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Infrastructure: Spacecraft/Satellites Overview

Spacecraft deployment numbers rose by five in 2019, increasing slightly to 466 spacecraft deployments last year. While deployments moved up, space vehicle launch attempts decreased from 114 in 2018 to 103 in 2019. The difference between. . .

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Workforce: Global Space Workforce

The space industry relies on tens of thousands of highly skilled workers to research and design, build, and operate advanced technologies that enable space activities and increase our understanding of the space environment. These highly skilled . . .

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