Space Workforce 2030: A partnership to grow the space talent pipeline

Space Foundation and The Aerospace Corporation have partnered to address building a skilled and inclusive space workforce. Space Workforce 2030 is a first of its kind collaborative effort to meet the growing needs of the space industry.

Melanie Stricklan, the inaugural executive director of the Space Workforce 2030 initiative, outlines how, in the age of a new space renaissance, Space Workforce 2030 will align goals and set clear objectives at every education level to build the talent pipeline required to ensure the growth of the space industry.

“Our collective progress is made possible by the talent,” she said. It’s not just the tech…It’s our workforce and it’s their passion, their dedication that have made our nation a global leader in space. And it’s their continued efforts that will propel our industry to ever greater heights. But that future success, it’s not guaranteed.

“Maintaining U.S. leadership in this very competitive arena requires us to confront the critical and growing shortage of technical and other key skills we face within the space industry,” Stricklan said. “Tackling this challenge and eliminating the talent gap require a very strategic and a comprehensive approach. An approach that covers every aspect of the workforce development pipeline.”