USSF Gen. B. Chance Saltzman on strenghtening international efforts in space

April 10 marked the 112th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Not an event normally associated with space. That disaster resulted in the first international conference on the safety of life at sea and the establishment of the International Ice Patrol. Those new initiatives paved the way for greater international cooperation in the sea domain, including stronger communications requirements and shared domain awareness in tracking and reporting icebergs.

It’s in the same vein of safety, Gen. Chance Saltzman explained that the U.S. Space Force is working hard on similar arrangements.

“Hopefully we won’t need a Titanic-level catastrophe to drive international cooperation,” Gen. Chance Saltzman said. “Instead, we are strengthening our international efforts on space control, space cooperation, space classification, to increase communication, and collaboration to prevent a disaster in space. This includes full spectrum collaboration with our allies and industry planning operations, situational awareness, information sharing, capabilities, development, and everything in between.”

Gen. Chance Saltzman discusses why access to space and the ability to operate freely within it is crucial to military and business objectives. He outlines how the Space Force is working to enhance partnerships within the commercial space industry. His speech at the 39th Space Symposium came the same day as the release of the Space Force’s Commercial Space Strategy.