OSIRIS-REx Delivers Asteroid Sample After Seven Years in Space

By The Space Report research@spacefoundation.org. After more than a decade of planning, and seven years of space flight traversing more than 1 billion miles, a sample from the asteroid Bennu safely landed Earth at 8:52 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 24. Now, an international team of scientists will exami… Thank you for your interest in The…

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India P.M. Calls Safe Landing of Lunar Probe ‘Dawn of a New Era’

Space workers in India celebrated Wednesday’s landing of the nation’s Chandrayaan-3 probe, making it the fourth nation to safely land a spacecraft on the Moon, and had their efforts lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “India is on the Moon,” Modi boomed in a broadcast to the India’s 1.4 billion residents. The landing came as Modi was on a trip to South Africa, touting his nation as a model for growth at an economic conference also involving Brazil, Russia and China.

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Celebrating 60 Years of Women in Space

Women in Space Tereshkova

June 16 marks the 60th anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova’s historic launch to orbit, where she became the first woman to reach space. She orbited Earth 48 times during the three-day Vostok 6 mission.

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