Sergei Krikalev

Sergei Krikalev was born on 27th August 1958 in Leningrad (St. Petersbourg), USSR.

Graduated from leningrad Mechanical Institute (now Baltic State Technical University) as engineer in the design and production of flying vehicles, he was working in “NPO Energia” in ground support team for “Salyut-7” orbital station.

In 1985, he has passed through medical examination and became cosmonaut candidate in the “Buran” space shuttle team. Later, he was included to the main crew of the joint French-Soviet mission (1988).

He accomplished 6 spaceflights (3 onboard of “Soyuz” spacecraft and 3 onboard STS “Space Shuttle”) with 803 days of cumulative spaceflight time and 41 hours of EVA (8 sorties).

Apart from being of cosmonaut, he was working as Deputy Designer-General of “Energia” Corp (2007-2009), Director of the Cosmonaut Training Center (2009-2014), First Deputy of the Director General of TsNIImash Institute (2014-2016).

Now he is the Executive Director of Piloted Spaceflights of the ROSCOSMOS.