S. Sita Sonty

S. Sita Sonty leads Boston Consulting Group’s Commercial Space team, working to expand the client base for the space economy. Sita helps shape BCG’s aerospace and defense corporate strategy, risk, sales projection, and go-to-market functions. Since joining the firm in June 2021, she has designed a strategic framework for space for a Middle East nation, designed the space technology roadmap for a major agricultural corporation, conducted the corporate strategy and acquisition platform for a leading satellite operator, developed the business case and strategic plan for two global commercial space ports, defined the growth strategy and new product development for a global aerospace company, and shaped the product portfolio design for Fortune 100 aerospace company. Before coming to BCG, Sita made history as the Head of Human Spaceflight Sales at SpaceX, where she executed the first private spaceflight sales on the Crew Dragon on a Lower Earth Orbit Free Flyer mission and to the International Space Station. She guided the global market strategy for Starlink’s expansion as the next generation telecommunications market offering. Sita has also served as Vice President for International Business with the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and Director for National Security at Raytheon. In addition, Sita has 17 years of service as a career US diplomat. Sita serves on the Executive Board Member for Women in Aerospace, The Johns Hopkins University President’s Alumni Council, and the Washington Leadership Program.