Kathryn Robison

Kathryn Robison Hasani is a Science Communications Consultant at Communicate Space Consulting working with STEM professionals and students. She is also a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Alabama in Political Science in the fields of American Politics and International Relations, with an outside minor in Communication. Kat also holds degrees in Anthropology, Near Eastern Studies, and American Studies from the University of Arizona and Youngstown State University. She has traveled the world for research and language studies, and is a poet and podcaster. Her research interests are in the fields of space policy and communication (both political and science) with a particular interest in the role communication plays in the formation and dissemination of national space policies. In addition to her scicomm work, she currently teaches Political Science at the University of Alabama and Wake Technical Community College. Kat is also a member of the International Astronautical Federations’s Space Education and Outreach and Workforce Development/Young Professionals Programme Committees and serves as the coordinator for the Next Generation Plenary Steering Committee.