Hira Nadeem

Hira is an alumni of the Brooke Owens Fellowship program from the Class of 2020, and was the first Canadian selected for the program. As a Fellow, she had the opportunity to intern in the Manufacturing and Test Engineering department at Planet in 2020. From this experience, Hira went on to adapt the program for the Canadian space sector. As the President and Co-Founder of the Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation, she worked with her team to develop the Zenith Fellowship program which provides internship and mentorship opportunities in the space sector for students and young professionals from underrepresented groups across Canada.

Currently, Hira is a Space Systems Engineer at Planet on the SkySat Mission Operations Team. She is completing a Master of Engineering Science in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Western University’s Institute for Earth and Space Exploration pending her defense in April 2023. Her research focused on machine learning applications for autonomous robotic systems on future space exploration missions. She completed her research as an Intern with Mission Control Space Services where she developed a deep learning algorithm for lunar regolith particle classification.