Gen. Hiroaki Uchikura, JSDF

General UCHIKURA Hiroaki is the Chief of Staff, Koku-Jieitai (Japan Air Self- Defense Force.) As the highest-ranking officer in the Koku-Jieitai, he leads a force of some 50,000 service members and civilians.

He is a native of Kagoshima Prefecture, south in Kyusyu, and a 1987 (#31) graduate of National Defense Academy. In addition to the domestic education he received in Japan, he studied in the U.S. twice as an ACSC student and CFACC student at Air University. He is a pilot of F-15, and previously commanded 5th Air Wing in Nyutabaru Airbase. His staff assignments include Deputy Director, Defense Plans and Policy Department, Joint Staff and Director General, Defense Planning and Policy Department, Air Staff Office. Prior to the current assignment, he was Commander, Air Defense Command, Koku-Jieitai.

General UCHIKURA enjoys playing and watching soccer. He is married to Shihomi, and they have 2 children.