Frank Pound

Astro Sec

Frank Pound is a computer scientist and entrepreneur. He serves as President and Chief Scientist of AstroSec and previously held a program manager position at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He has been distinguished through his service in the United States Government both as a US Marine, as a member of the Civilian service and as a contractor serving government cyber units. During his time in civil service Mr. Pound managed and directed an innovative cyber warfare defense portfolio with technical transitions to the US Army and other operational units. Mr. Pound also issued dozens of small business contracts in areas of blockchain, graph analytics and metamaterials research; helping to bootstrap ideas into robust companies which continue to develop new capabilities in scientific research. A thought leader in defensive cyber warfare, he has assisted US policy makers and staffers helping them to understand the nuances of cyber operations and network warfare. His work has been featured in numerous press outlets worldwide with speaking engagements and interviews. In addition to company leadership, he continues to maintain his skills as a software and systems engineer with AstroSec focusing on the cyber defense of space systems.

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