Dr. John Huth

Dr. John Huth is the Chief of the Office of Space and Counterspace. He leads DIA’s activities on collection, characterization, and analysis of foreign space and counterspace capabilities, vulnerabilities, and intent. Prior to this assignment he served as the Defense Intelligence Officer for Space and Counterspace. In that role he was the senior intelligence advisor to the Director and Deputy Director of DIA on the full range of intelligence matter related to space and counterspace topics to include analysis, collection, counterintelligence, international engagement, intelligence policy, and outreach.

Dr. Huth earned his Doctorate in Computational Science from George Mason University, his Master of Science in Physics from the University of Massachusetts, and a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy from Penn State. He served as an Army Intelligence Officer, technology industry leader, and program manager for over 25 years before joining the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Dr. Huth is a lead contributor to several firsts in space and intelligence that have had long lasting impacts to the space and intelligence communities. He has experience across the full spectrum of intelligence activities from analysis to collection, and enterprise management. Dr. Huth has led multiple cross-discipline organizations at the office level.