The Space Report 2023 Quarter 2: E-magazine

The Space Report - 2023 - Q2 - Cover

The Space Report 2023, Quarter 2: E-magazine

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Assessing the New Global Economy
Government spending from 50 nations is examined, as are key trends in launch,
satellite, broadband, defense and insurance of space assets, lunar missions,
and other markets.

Euclid Joins Webb to Prove the Universe’s Earliest Unknowns
As Euclid begins its galactic mapping, its program team should hope for the
type of success the James Webb Space Telescope team has experienced. Both
projects are redefining science and delivering new technology for wider use on

Taking the ‘Search’ Out of Search & Rescue
As part of The Space Report’s continuing commitment to document how space
benefits life on Earth, this article examines the systems and international
capabilities using space assets to render rescue assistance worldwide.

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The Space Report 2023, Quarter 2: e-magazine