The Space Report 2022 Quarter 3: E-magazine

The Space Report 2022, Quarter 3: E-magazine

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The global space workforce continues to grow and evolve, and this edition of The Space Report provides analysis of hiring in key nations around the world. Also examined is the high volume of applications to the U.S. Space Force and its acceptance rate of 3%. Current and long-range projections for U.S. employment in the space industry are also detailed.

A third article takes you behind the numbers and explores the varied paths that several new workers in the space industry have taken as they join to global space workforce.


  • For the first time in its program history, NASA has selected a provide contractor to provide space suits the agency will lease. Among the improvements expected in this contract: space suits fit for all astronauts.
  • New U.S. space programs are temporarily on hold until a 2023 federal budget is approved. Congress in September approved a stopgap measure that continued funding at 2022 levels but block expenditures to new programs.
  • Recent experiments combining 3D printing with biological materials could revolutionize the way astronauts deal with injuries in space and assist with healing for people at remote sites on Earth. A recent test on the International Space Station used a gel containing an astronaut’s skin cells that in the future, could provide accelerated healing for the most common injuries astronauts face.

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The Space Report 2022, Quarter 3: e-magazine