The Space Report 2022, Quarter 2: E-magazine

The Space Report 2022 Q2

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Discover what’s driving the space economic boom in the 2022 Q2 edition of The Space Report, available for purchase now. 

The Space Report offers a detailed look at space spending and revenue by sector and nation, with a deep dive into the commercial space industry. Find out which segments are thriving, how investors are approaching space, and how space firms are faring on Wall Street.


  • A look at 2022’s record-setting launches and payloads and other space industry trends
  • How the James Webb Space Telescope could settle long-running astrophysics debates
  • Why NASA is looking to nuclear fission to reach Mars and establish bases on the Moon

Get your copy now for the research and analysis you need to understand the big picture of the global space ecosystem and commercial space industry growth.

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The Space Report offers a yearly subscription of four PDFs for $499 and annual online subscriptions that provide interactive graphics, additional online content, and years of analysis of the global space ecosystem, developing space markets, space exploration, investment activity, and space-inspired industries on Earth. Click here to learn about subscription offers.

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The Space Report 2022, Quarter 2: e-magazine