The Space Report 2021, Quarter 4: PDF Download

The Space Report 2021,
Quarter 4: PDF download

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As 2021 ended, much of the world watched in awe as the James Webb Space Telescope, launched Dec. 25, began to unfurl it solar shield and bend its mirrors into a precise geometry with the promise to answer one of mankind’s oldest questions: How did it all start?

In this issue:

  • Global launch attempts reached a record high of 145 in 2021, exceeding 143 attempts in 1967.
  • Payload deployments jumped 29% from 2020, driven largely by the communication activity of SpaceX’s Starlink and OneWeb.
  • The volume of financing transactions in the space and satellite sector has grown 61% since 2019, fueled by dozens of investors injecting billions of dollars, according to analysis by Quilty Analytics.
  • In space tourism, 14 civilians experienced space travel in 2021, double the number from all prior years combined.

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The Space Report 2021, Quarter 4: PDF download