Commercial Space Products and Services

2005 – Satellite Radio

Revenue in 2005 for satellite radio was about $## billion, from three firms: XM Radio, reporting 2005 revenues of $## million; Sirius Satellite Radio, reporting 2005 revenues of $## million; and WorldSpace, reporting 2005 revenues of $## million. SIA’s estimate for this segment is not released separately from its DBS estimate.

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2005 – Satellite Communications

SIA’s Satellite Industry Survey does not report telephone trunking revenue (i.e., telephony-related revenue from transponder leasing) separately, but as part of the FSS market. SIA also includes VSAT revenue, revenue from data and video transponder leasing, and remote sensing in FSS revenue, for a total of $## billion. Euroconsult lists FSS market revenue as $## billion for 2005; this number is based on revenues from all 36 FSS satellite operators.

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