Japanese Launch Attempts, 2013-2023

One problem area for Japan is the possibility of a gap in reliable access to space. The nation is one of 10 capable of orbital launch, but its launch activity is relativity infrequent.

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Spacecraft by Mass Range, 2023

The known mass of spacecraft deployed last year was 1.4 million kg, 42% more than 2022. This total does not include masses for satellites without publicly available information, including many classified U.S., Chinese, and Russian military satellites. Excluding these uncategorized satellites, the average payload mass in 2023 was 550 kg.

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Quilty Space 2023 Q4 Transaction Update

In the final financial quarter of 2023, there were seven space-related acquisitions/buy-outs, 36 minority venture/private equity financings totaling approximately $1.2 billion in funding raised, and five public equity financings representing…

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