Top 3 commercial space sectors, 2015-2022

Top 3 commercial space sectors, 2015-2022Top 3 commercial space sectors, 2015-2022

Commercial revenues continue to make up the majority (78%) of the global space economy. The top three commercial space sectors — ground stations, direct-to-home television, and position, navigation, and timing — totaled $373 billion in 2022.

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Space spending by region, 2022

This interactive chart shows changes made in the accompanying table. Use the tools just above the table for sorting, advanced filtering, and other options, these actions will reflect on the…

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Japanese Government Space Spending, 2013-2023

Japan’s space spending spans seven ministries and totaled ¥612 billion (UD$4.3 billion) in 2023. This budget has grown 68% since 2020 as the nation expands its civil and military space programs. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) — which houses JAXA — typically receives the majority of space-related funding.

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Launch Attempts and Deployed Payloads, 1983-2022

Two items stand out as primary examples of astronomers’ concerns: the SpaceX Starlink constellation due to its number of satellites and AST SpaceMobile’s BlueWalker 3 satellite due to its size — 693 square feet6 — which ranks as the largest commercial communications array in space.

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Launch Failure Rate 2019-2023

The frenetic pace of launch in 2023 also brought a higher number of launch failures, with 11 rockets failing to make orbit, of them in spectacular fashion.

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