Japanese Launch Attempts, 2013-2023

One problem area for Japan is the possibility of a gap in reliable access to space. The nation is one of 10 capable of orbital launch, but its launch activity is relativity infrequent.

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Japanese Workforce by Sector, 2005-2021

Japanese Workforce by Sector, 2005-2021Japanese Workforce by Sector, 2005-2021

JAXA employed 1,580 individuals at the beginning of 2023. Out of this total, 1,123 (71%) are engineering and research employees. Even though Japan as a whole is struggling with an aging population, JAXA’s age demographics are more normally distributed than many other nation’s space agencies.

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JAXA Workforce, 2013-2023

Japan is continuing its efforts to promote the growth of new entrepreneurial space efforts. Proposed legislation in Japan would allow JAXA to create a fund to invest in private-sector businesses.

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