2008 – Perspective

2008 was a challenging year for the world in many ways, and the space industry has not been immune to these challenges. Despite the systemic problems besetting the economy, positive developments in global space activity point to a continuing robust role for space industry.

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Better Vision Abnormality Detection With Refraction

NASA scientists have modified optics technology for a low-cost, high-volume eye screening method using a light-bending technique called photorefraction. NASA transferred the license for the screening technology to the Vision Research Corporation.

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NASA-based Filter Makes Dental Water Cleaner

Water purification technology designed by NASA for use in space life support systems continues to find terrestrial uses. Umpqua Research received funding from NASA to conduct research on the development of air and water purification technologies for the space missions.

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NASA Robot Arm Used for Knee Surgery

Barrett Technology has collaborated with NASA to develop innovative upgrades to Barrett’s robotic arm technology. The extra funding allowed Barrett to advance the WAM’s (whole arm manipulator) electronics and software for better arm performance and safety.

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