South Africa

2011 – Space Policy: Programs and Progress Snapshot

As space activities across the globe become more dynamic—blending commercial, government, and cross-border activities—governments increasingly see a need for a formal space policy to provide a framework for coordination and integration of activities. Effective space policy can foster public interest… Thank you for visiting The Space Report! The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity, Packed…

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Better Soccer Through Satellite Services

During the FIFA World Cup 2010, worldwide audiences were able to visit DigitalGlobe’s Flickr gallery or Spot Image’s website, which showed satellite views of all 10 of the venues in South Africa. These galleries provided high-resolution satellite imagery for global audiences.

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2009 – Government Space Budgets – Snapshot

Government space budgets are estimated at $## billion for 2009, comprising ##% of the global space economy. This funding supports military, civilian, and commercial space programs covering a broad variety of activities such as national security, scientific research, technology development, and social welfare that target health, rural communications, and emergency services. The U.S. government accounted for ##% of the global space economy in 2009, a slight increase from ##% of the total in 2008. International space budgets tracked in 2008 and 2009 increased by ##%.

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