2015 – Government Space Budgets – Snapshot

Total global government space budgets in 2015 were $76.516 billion, a 4.8% decrease from $80.415 billion in 2014. More than half of this spending was in the United States, which budgeted $44.567 billion for government space activities in 2015. Government budget levels reflect the most recent budgetary information available for each country, taking into account the fact…

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Economy: Space Economy – TSR 2015

Economy: Space Economy - TSR 2015 an annual review of the commercial space infrastructure and support industries and space-based products and services used on Earth. This edition also delves into…

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2014 – Military Communications

Global, dedicated, and secure communications networks are vital to governments, militaries, and agencies around the world. Increased demand for capacity—particularly secure connectivity using non-commercial frequency bands—continued to drive deployment of dedicated military communications satellite systems. The U.S. military bought significant capacity from commercial operators such as Intelsat and SES in 2014. However, the way the military buys the bandwidth has been criticized by commercial satellite communications services as expensive and outdated.

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The Train Network

Trains are using satellite technology—such as position, navigation, and timing (PNT) receivers and communications—to provide a train’s precise position to the people who manage European railway systems. While a train’s movements and schedule might be generally well-known, the PNT reporting will allow for a train’s precise position to be reported to a rail traffic control center, using a combination of 3G/4G data and satellite-based broadband services.

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2014 – Italian Government Space Budget

Italy has Europe’s third-largest space budget. Its civil space program is overseen by the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI), which in 2014 received a budget of €## million (US$## million). That allocation was broken down into three parts: €## million (US$## million) is the standard contribution from the Ministry of Research and Education, which has been constant for the past four years; €## million ($## million) was for COSMO-SkyMed, an Italian national radar reconnaissance program that will be under construction until 2018; and €## million ($## million) was for special programs issued by the government and decided upon by a body in the Ministry of Research and Education.

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