Orbital Payload Launch

U.S. Payload Launches

2008 – U.S. Launch, Payload

Five U.S. launch vehicles performed orbital missions in 2008: the Atlas V, Delta II, Falcon 1, Pegasus XL, and the Space Shuttle. All but the Falcon 1 have been in…

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2011 – U.S. Launch, Payload Snapshot

The United States continued to operate the world’s most diverse fleet of orbital launch vehicles in 2011. While its total of 18 successful launches was not the world’s highest, it…

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2009 – U.S. Launch and Payload – Snapshot

[exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2009?country()=United States?title_prefix=U.S. Orbital Launches[/exhibit] Seven different American-operated launch vehicle families performed 24 orbital launches in 2009: the Atlas V, Delta II, Delta IV, Falcon 1, Minotaur I, Space Shuttle, and Taurus…

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