Payload Launch

Orbital Payload Launch

2015 – Japan Launch, Payload

Japan’s number of SLVs launched during 2015 equaled their 2014 efforts. The country’s 2015 share of global orbital space launches grew, but only because the total number of SLVs launched…

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2015 – Russia Launch, Payload

Russia remained the world’s leader in number of launches provided during 2015, taking slightly more than ##% of the global orbital launch market for the year. This position was earned…

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2016 – U.S. Payload Launch – Snapshot

U.S. launch activities constituted 26% of global orbital launch activity, matched only by China during 2016. The country’s 22 successful launches for 2016 exceeded its 2015 efforts by two. There…

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2015 – Europe Launch, Payload

Europe’s share of global orbital launches grew by ##% in 2015—from nearly ##% in 2014 to nearly ##% in 2015—although the number of launches conducted by the European coalition remained…

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